Apply cold water to the burnt area

When CCP released the new Eve Store, everyone complained about the prices, and lack of variety. From what I gather, this was mainly from their partner, Musterbrand. Apparently CCP’s contract with Musterbrand is over, and CCP have had this to say about it.

“These art prints, gorgeous as they are, are not the only thing we are currently working on. CCP’s contract with Musterbrand has concluded and our priority right now is to implement a suitable replacement – taking into account everything we’ve learned from that relationship.”
Quoted from their latest blog post.

As much as I’ll be glad to see some more content up, I think I feel bad for Musterbrand after that burn.

EVE support

As many people that are also CEO’s of their corporations, I recently recieved an email with a link to this article from CCP, which I think of as pretty cool. Pretty nifty for CCP to have gone and emailed all the CEO’s about a potential bug that may have lost them billions of isk, and reassured them that any thefts caused by the bug would be reimbursed.

Good work CCP!

Eve News

I was browsing the forums for some Django/IGB stuff the other day (Django is a python platform for programming web apps) – and came across a nice little Eve News app for Android.

Available on the Play Store, here. Nice little app. Has a collection of different blogs you can read, select the different blogs you want to be updated on, and also links to to the dev blogs and patch notes. If you so desire, it’s also able to give you notifications of new posts on r/eve as well, although that’s a good way to get notifications every 5 minutes.

Sure, doesn’t include my blog… but that’s ok. I don’t blame them for that.

In better, eve related news, I still haven’t started selling that stuff yet… one day I will.

Not much really happening for me lately. Goodness I haven’t even logged in lately!

Fly safe all!

Balanced Ships

I was thinking today, about all these ship balancing that have been done in the game in the past few years, and I came to a conclusion.

As much as people like to claim that this game is a PVP game, and that the aim of the game is to blow people up etc. The most balanced ship classes in the game, are Mining Barges/Exhumers, Industrials and Freighters.

Exhumers and Barges have three choices of ship, and each choice has a specific role. No single one is “Better” overall.

  • If you want to focus on yield, and have someone else focusing on hauling you want a Hulk/Covetor.
  • If you have no-one to haul, you go for a Mackinaw/Retreiver.
  • If Hauling the ore isn’t as important as keeping it safe, you use a Skiff/Procurer.

Balanced incredibly well.

Similarly for Industrials. If you simply want a large(ish, it’s not a freighter after all) hold, you go for one of the racial industrials designed for cargo in mind. If you want speed, you pick a racial industrial designed for speed. If you want to move a large amount of a particular item, but only that item, and you want some tank, you choose the industrial with bonuses to that.

Not as balanced as mining barges/exhumers, but still rather well balanced.

Finally, Freighters.

Each race has a benefit to use it’s freighter. (Tank, Speed, Cargo, Being Gold <What is the Amarr freighter good for again?>)

You can then customise each freighter, depending on what you’re hauling.

  • Hauling a valuable, but low volume item? Stack it up with tank!
  • Wanting to move fast, fill it with Inertia Stabilisers!
  • Need more room and don’t care about tank or agility? Cargohold expanders!

More balanced than Industrials, and I’d say just as balanced as Barges (Except for the Providence).

Well, that’s enough late night ramblings from me… to bed I go!


SKINS (Blog Banter #63)

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 63rd edition! For more details about what the blog banters are visit the Blog Banter page.
* * * * *
Super Kerr Induced Nanocoating, new structures that can be fit like ships with modules, the promise of player built stargates… the ability to shape your space and change the look of your ships is finally coming to EVE. What other customization options of EVE would you like to have? What would you like to do to be able to shape space and environments? What would you like to change just for you in the client or in any 3rd party tools?
Let your desires run free in your imagination.

My goodness. Where to start.

Actually I have no idea where to start. The ability to have player made stargates, and the ability to skill your ship is basically enough for me.  With that in mind, as long as users on older computers or bad connections have the ability to turn all these custom skins off, to save bandwidth etc, than I’m happy.

I, and I feel that most people will agree with me, as long as the customizations don’t offer in game advantages, and is just a cosmetic change, that no-one will really care. They can even charge RL $ for it.

With all this in mind, and now that I’ve said that I have no idea what I really want… something that I would love to see is walking in stations.

The ability to have player owned shops/bars/casinos, would be incredibly fun. Sure, eve is a spaceship game at its heart, but it would be cool to have these other aspects in the game.

Anyway, that’s all from me.

Fly fun all!

A gift for you!

I was docked in station today, not wanting to do anything in particular…


Next thing I know I’m being traded some stuff… I only had one ship in that hangar before… (The orca)

Click the images to embiggen!


(Sorry for whatever corp had their hangar taken… I had nothing to do with it!)

ss (2015-03-27 at 07.16.50)

ss (2015-03-27 at 07.18.38)
ss (2015-03-27 at 07.17.03) ss (2015-03-27 at 07.17.10) ss (2015-03-27 at 07.17.25) ss (2015-03-27 at 07.17.30) ss (2015-03-27 at 07.17.39) ss (2015-03-27 at 07.17.44) ss (2015-03-27 at 07.17.50) ss (2015-03-27 at 07.17.56) ss (2015-03-27 at 07.18.03) ss (2015-03-27 at 07.18.11)

Moving Moving Moving

I’m moving!

Not in real life, just the blog.

Don’t worry, it’s still going to be located at the same URL, not that many people actually read my blog, although I had some interesting traffic statistics this past week.

Apparently this last Monday I got really popular in Israel.

Yeah, not sure what happened there. I certainly didn’t post anything that day, and as far as I know I didn’t do any advertising there.

Anyway, back to the move.

As most of you should be aware, I’ve been hosting this blog using Google’s Blogger. I will be moving over to a WordPress system in the upcoming days. This will allow me to host some cooler stuff on my site, hopefully. Although I’m not entirely sure exactly how cool said things will be.

Onto in game news, I’ve been doing a lot of PI lately. I believe this is a documented bug, but I get incredibly annoyed with Extractor Control Units. You survey for deposits, move your heads around, it says “8000 units per hour”

Ok cool, let’s submit this.

The next number can be 500, or it might be 7000. It’s never the same number though. This is incredibly frustrating.

Beyond that, I’ve got my planets nice and set up, although Forsaken Asylum have now wardeced that corp. Such is life though.

Tetra is still in Null, shooting stuff when I get the chance.


Cagali got elected! Boo yeah. An Australian CSM Member. I’me happy! That’s basically all I care about.

Anyway, that’s all from me today. Fly safe all!

CSM time.

Before I start.

After I posted the other day, I noticed I had a number of drafts saved that for some reason weren’t published. So I published them, even though they were a few months old.


It’s that time again! Time to cast your votes for CSM.

Below is my election ballot list/suggestion.

  1. Bam Stroker
  2. Sabriz Adoudel
  3. Cagali Cagali
  4. Thoic Frosthammer
  5. Mike Azariah
  6. Jayne Fillon
  7. Angrod Losshelin
  8. Leelo dallsmultipas
  9. Klapen
  10. UAxDEATH
  11. DomanarK
  12. Vaari
  13. Harry Saq
  14. June Ting
Why did I do this order?
Well, I used the Eve CSM matcher, and put all the Australians as 1-3, and then put the next 11 people in. Australian Timezone has unique problems, that these three will know and be able to represent. The next 11 were the top matchs for my results, with the excpetion of some people I removed because they failed a critical question. 
That’s all from me.
Fly smart, vote smart!

Programming for Eve.

Programming has become a large part of my current eve experience. Specifically I have been spending a lot of time working on an insurance program for TVP. Doing this programming has led me to come across interesting complexities of the API, and has made me much more appreciative of the tools that are out there, Evemon, Pyfa, EFT etc.

As well as this, I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of things that are out there that are cool that can be done, or could be done, but due to limitations from CCP we simply can’t do.

As well as this I’m having a lot of fun just learning more programming tricks and what not. Currently I’m having a lot of fun trying to generate a good estimate of CCPs values for insurance payouts, and boy is it annoying. Having to put all those values from blueprint info in game into an excel spreadsheet so I can view data etc. Big pain in the but.