Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Site Redesign and other news

So, I am thinking of doing a site redesign in the coming future. So, for the meantime I've got the fansite kits, and will be thinking of making my own graphics maybe once I get home.

This new Blogger layout is interesting, and seems to have more tools open to me. I must play around with it when I can. I think I may even be able to get my own Killboard up on here... interesting.

In the meantime, tweetfleet has been amazing, although none of my accounts are currently active. Which is a bit of a pain...

I am thinking of swapping corps when I get back to Eve. My time spent with the Rabbits has been great, but I think its about time to call it quits. As much as I love them. I am yet to tell them this however. (Although on that note, they may have kicked me for being inactive... should see if I can check that...)

Recovery from surgery is going well. My right eye occupationally plays up, but that's rather minor issue. See the doc again when I get back home.

Eve related news, Apparently the latest CSM minutes are out, I am yet to find them and read them. Will post again once I have managed to read them.

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