Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Return! And my sudden departure!

So, I have finally returned to EVE. After a few months of being absent.

Started off without a hitch. Put Safdrof over onto his own account, so that he can train without interfering with Tetra's training. Macsadbro left her old corp, and has started a new corp (at this stage just for me and my alts) and has started doing some trading. I'm making profits, most of the time. But sometimes a loss is to be made. But that being said, its only been 3 days.

Did my first Jita run last night. With over 300mil ISK worth of stuff in my cargo hold.
Not much, but the most for me. That was a bit scary. Only made 8mil profit from it though. Maybe I should of taken more Mexallon with me...

So thats all well and good.

Until the unthinkable happens...

My computer dies. No big deal I think, restart it. It dies again. So, I decide to go to sleep. Come back to it this morning. Nope, Its dead.

So after 3 months of me missing eve, I get 3 glorious days of it... before my computer says that I can't use it.

Now this wouldn't be so annoying, if I wasn't planning on replacing it in 2 weeks time anyway.

So, that is all I have to share today. Fly safe my friends!

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